ELITE Shreds Max

 ELITE Shreds MAX 
Escape from stubborn body fat and reveal the body you have worked so hard for!Stop being a slave to your appetite and turbo charge your metabolism with Shredz MAX!

ELITE Shreds MAX helps to burn body fat through multiple actions, first by firing up your metabolism, increasing your focus, energy and alertness.Combine that with the non stimulant aids of L-Carnitine and Raspberry Keytones to help decrease the absorption of body fat while helping to break down stored body fat and transport it to your muscles for fuel!

Body Fat just became Body Fuel!Reveal and show off the hard body you have worked for with ELITE Shreds MAX! Get it Now! 

Key Benefits  - Supports Increased Fat Loss *  - Helps Increase Energy*  - Helps Suppress Appetite*  - Helps Improve Mood*  - Helps Improve Focus*  - Helps Boost Metabolism*NOT FOR BEGINNERS! THIS IS A STRONG FORMULA
60 capsules per bottle 1 capsule =750 mg 

DIRECTIONS:take 1 capsule to assess tolerance, may increase to 2  as tolerated, no more than 2 capsules per day total.

Key Ingredient:
Caffeine Anhydrous, 2-Amino-4-Methylhexane:, L-Carnitine, L tartrate,
L­-Tyrosine, Raspberry Ketones, Bacopa Monniera, Mucana Pruriens, 2 Amino 4-Methylhexane, Advantra Z, Rauwolscine, Capsaicin