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My Weight Loss Story

 My journey with bee pollen pills started December 2013 when I got on the  doctors scale and almost died when I saw I was 199.9 lbs. I can  honestly say I wanted to crawl in a deep hole and never be found. I hate taking any kind of pills and I'm a busy stay at home mom, but I lost 20lbs in my first 81 days and was a complete believer, so I started selling them. I have been able to keep that off and lost an additional 10 more without starving myself or spending hours in the gym.

Bee Pollen for Weight Loss

Elite Weight Loss brand products including Skinny Elite,Curve Bee Pollen,Ignite, BOOST as well as NGN Bee Pollen are getting rave reviews from my customers! Drop 7-15 pounds in 1-2 months easy. Get the best weight loss supplements on the market here.

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I work around the clock serving my customers one on one with product support, tips, trick, and giveaways. I am always here for you as a shoulder to lean on. You will lose more weight then going it alone, message me for help on how to lose weight, any questions about our vitamins & supplements, or how to buy diet vitamins online.